Friday, March 8, 2013

Early to Rise: Day 8 Ship Something????

Last night was a tough night with my 18 month old. Again she was up during the middle of the night and I struggled to get her back to sleep. Getting up early was really tough. On days like this I don't know if it would be better for me to try to get more sleep or start my day with little sleep.

I really love the idea of creating something to put out there for others to see. We all have an artist hiding inside us and there are so many different ways to express it. I love writing my blog. It can be a real release for me. I also love sewing. When I finish a project I am always so impressed with how it turns out. I often wonder if I really made that.

I have been using my morning time to do my devotions, prayer, and blog. Morning really is the best time to work. When the kids are around, writing a post can often be difficult. If I try to work on it at night my creative juices just aren't flowing. I love being able to share things with other moms and maybe some dads too. We all work hard taking care of our kids, sometimes it's nice to not feel alone.

 I always get excited when someone tells me they are enjoying my blog. I hope you are too. I am always looking for guest bloggers. If you have anything about kids or family you would like to share, give a try writing a blog post. Just click the link for more information. Guest blogger Information

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