Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter: Keeping Jesus in Easter

Easter is a holiday I often have a hard time figuring out what to do. I hate that it has become so commercial. We do have baskets for the girls. A few pieces of candy and a little gift. It is hard at their age to explain what Easter is truly about. I have been collecting ideas that will help start traditions that will explain Easter and the Risen Christ. Today I will share a few with you.

Easter Story Mix: I am planning on giving this to my Sunday School class. A fun snack mix with meaning. A great poem to include. For school age kids this would be a great gift to give to their friends and neighbors.

The Easter Story: Using an old egg carton and plastic eggs, you can tell the story of Easter to your kids. This has been a tradition at our church and in our home. We've always enjoyed making them.

We Are That Family has 10 great ideas about keeping Easter focused on Jesus. There is a wonderful variety and can be done with most any age.

Resurrection Cookies I am hoping to make these this year. Make the cookies the night before talking about the resurrection and Easter morning the kids have a special treat to remind them that the tomb is empty, Jesus has risen!

Have a Happy Easter!

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