Thursday, March 28, 2013

Praying For Your Daughters

I have three daughters. They are beautiful and such a blessing. I enjoy them every day and look forward to my morning hugs and kisses. They are 4, 2, and 1.

It seems like a long way off before they are going to be sent off into this world as adults. Yet kids are growing up much faster then generations before them. They are less equip to handle situations then ever before. Raising daughters in the world we live in today scares me. I need to be ready to attack those negative images of women and show my daughters what true self worth is all about.

Praying for my daughters is one of the most important things I can do right now. It may not always feel like it makes a difference but God gave me these little girls to love, cherish and yes pray over. He and He alone will give me the strength and ability to be a good mother.

We are to ask for things we need. Why wouldn't we ask for our daughters to grow up loving God and others. Why not ask for their future husbands to be preparing their hearts for God and our daughters. Pray that God molds them into the young men we see as worthy of our daughters. That they would care for them as though they are a rare treasure sought by many but found by few.

Why not ask God to prepare their hearts for being good wives and mothers. That they would raise their children to love God and obey him. They would care for their husbands as the church is to care and love God. That they would give of themselves to God and their family.

Pray for our children's education, that they would be hard workers and do their best. They would receive a fine education and find careers they are not only happy in but can also bless others. Make them strong women ready to take on the world.

Pray that they will know the difference of being truly beautiful because they can love and be loved. Help them see that the way you dress or fix your hair is only outward and the most beautiful women in the world are often the most unhappy. True beauty comes from knowing that she is enough just the way she is.

I found a beautiful prayer from a young woman's childhood in the book Bringing Up Girls: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Women I want to share with you:
Heavenly Father, Thank you for a Daughter like __________.
Thank you for blessing her and putting her in this family.
Thank you for helping her find you at an early age.
Protect her tonight as she sleeps and tomorrow
as she goes through her day.
Keep her from the enemy and from harm.
Help her to find a Godly husband in your time.
In Jesus' name, Amen.
We have started saying this prayer at night. One thing I wish my parents did was to pray over me. I know they prayed for me during their prayer time but I never heard them. I want my kids to hear me pray over them. They will know that they were important enough for me to spend extra time praying for each of them.
Pray and pray often for your children. 

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