Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chores, Kids, and Allowance

Now that my youngest is four we are seeing her want more responsibility around the house. We believe it is so important for kids to learn it from day one. For several weeks now we have been doing a simple chore chart. She has been super excited to complete the chores and put the stickers in the square. After the sticker is put on the chart she even asks what else she can do. Kids need to feel like they are contributing to their family. This may mean more work for me today but as she learns, there will be less for me to do. 

The chores she has are simple and things she has picked out herself. Some are done daily and some are done weekly. We have seven simple chores for her to do.

  1. Morning cleanup
  2. Evening cleanup
  3. Put away clean clothes
  4. Wash Dishes
  5. Wipe table
  6. Wipe bathroom counters and sinks
  7. Sweep and mop tile floor in basement 
  8. Vacuum 

With the chores we are starting to give her allowance. My husband and I agree that the allowance has to be earned. We want to teach them from the beginning to work hard and you'll get paid. The idea of a job and how important it is in the developing of character in our kids, is something that we feel is important to start teaching now. The more she does the more she will get paid. 

Each completed chore is worth 10 cents. Saturday we pay her and 10% goes in her piggy bank, 10% in a jar labeled church, and the remaining goes in a jar labeled spending. We have already taken a trip to target to see what she wants to save up for. In another week she will take her first shopping trip and buy something with the money she has earned.

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