Friday, March 1, 2013

Early to Rise: Day 1 Believe and Stand Up

Well this morning did not go as I had hoped. My alarm was set for 6:30 and my youngest decided to get up before six. Instead of some me time getting ready for the day we had an hour or so of cuddle time. At my point in life I can expect this and just hope that as this challenge continues I will start finding time in the morning for me.

In the past I have been one of those people who start something, do it for a few weeks, and go back to the old way. I have slowly been changing my life so I can be a better mom and wife. Starting this challenge is really a challenge to see if I can do it for the whole month. I know this isn't going to be easy as I've already seen on day one, but I can see the benefits of being up before my kids and taking time to prepare myself for the day.

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