Thursday, February 19, 2015

Respect: No More Husband Bashing

Over on Jill Savage's blog its Third Thursday Blog Hop where women can share their thoughts. Today's topic is about respect.


A few years ago I made the decision to stop husband bashing. It's not like I went out of my way to bash him, but when others around me were doing it, I would join in. This is so wrong and doesn't help our marriage nor does it help him become a better man. 

This doesn't mean I never talk about him, but I take time to think through whether it is a bashing session where the wives are trying to come up with who has the worst husband or are we talking about our struggles in marriage. It's ok to talk about what we might be struggling with, it is not ok to blame it all on your husband.

When I would "bash" him in front of others, I was not showing the respect he deserves. It makes him feel bad and often times makes him not want to help me out. If I am making fun of his skills when doing dishes, why would he want to help out. If I am telling others he is like a forth child and treat him as such, I am not also not showing him the respect he deserves. His behavior can be directly related to how I treat him. None of this bashing or put downs will help our marriage. 

Now when I do talk about him, its about our struggles of trying to work together as husband and wife, father and mother. He's a good man, good father, and good husband and I need to treat him as such. Yes I wish he'd help out around the house more, but I've come to understand him and why he struggles with it. When I was able to step back and stop trying to come up with the best "worst" husband stories, I realized that he struggles as much as I do in our marriage and how we work together. Now we work together much better. I understand him better. We communicate better. 

God calls a wife to respect our husband. When we show the appropriate respect to our husbands at all times, we become the woman who is strong and supportive. Without us, husbands wouldn't be able to be the men of God they are called to be for their families. We complement them in a way God intended.