Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Project Shed/Playhouse Part 2

Well the weekend was wonderful, allowing my husband to finally get the shed out of our garage and start assembling it outside. He has been very eager to get this started.

Our yard was very wet creating a little set back in creating the base. What my husband dug out on Thursday was flooded on Friday. After he was able to get that drained he used the help of the girls to fill in with sand under the cement blocks.
 Saturday my brother came over to help get the sides and roof on.

 There it is after one weekend of working hard, getting it together. My husband is very proud as he should be. The girls are getting super excited about getting a playhouse. It will be very cool once it is finished. We are talking now about putting a slide on the deck part. We will see how it will end up.

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