Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pillowcase Grocery Bags

You may have seen these pillowcase grocery bags out there on places like Pinterest. I made a few about a year ago and really like them. Who doesn't have a few extra pillowcases laying around. I looked at few different tutorials and finally figured out the easiest way to make them. I'm sure there is one exactly like my tutorial, so I do not claim credit for creating it.

All you need is a pillowcase, scissors, and sewing machine

1. Cut the edging off the pillowcase and save it for later
  2. Turn pillowcase inside out and stitch it closed leaving about 2 inches open to turn it.

3. Turn and stitch opening closed
 4. Grab the middle and tuck it in creating a bag. Match corners up tightly.
 5. Sew diagonal on the bottom corners about one inch 
6. Take the edging piece you cut off earlier and cut it into two. Pin into place to make handles. I have mine about 3-4 inches from edge but place where you want them to be.
7. Sew into place
8. Turn and your done!

 Our grocery store gives 5 cents for every reusable bag. Ask your grocery store if they have something similar.

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