Tuesday, April 16, 2013

30 Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 16


Today's Task . . . Bathrooms

I'm pretty sure most people will say bathrooms are their least favorite thing to clean. Can't say that I love it either, but I do like having a clean bathroom. I am finding that the key is to keep the counters cleaned off and wipe them down a few times a week. This is my 4 year olds job. 

For the bathrooms today I recruited my kids. I am very much enjoying them helping around the house. My 4 year old was in charge of wiping down counters in both bathrooms and the 2 year old wiped down the bathtub in their bathroom. I swept the floor in their Mickey bathroom and they mopped it. 


 I cleaned the toilets, mirrors, and changed the towels. Done! Easiest time I think I've ever had cleaning the bathrooms. 

I wanted to get the closets cleaned out be we are really going stir crazy with the poor weather we've been having. I think the girls are tired of being inside all the time and we have been having some really tough days.


  1. I cannot wait until my boys are old enough to "effectively help"! Right now, I have them "help" but it actually causes double the work. Train 'em early, right.
    Great job!

    1. They are starting to get better and better. It is amazing what a four year old can do.

  2. Love that cute red, white, and black bathroom, and what cuties your two helpers are!