Friday, April 5, 2013

Adventures in Budgeting: Month 5

Well March taught me a lot. It isn't about how much you are spending in each category as long as the money going out equals the money coming in. Not every month will be the same. We had to adjust our gas budget and our utilities budget. It just meant we had less extra at the end of the month to put towards debt. We still had enough left over to make an additional payment and then some to our smallest debt. 

With our tax return we were also able to pay off a very small debt. Two down 4 to go! It feels so good to see those gone from our lives. I am feeling the momentum and ready to get the debt out of our lives forever!

My husband came to me a few weeks ago and decided he wanted to build a shed with a play house on top. We have spent time talking about how much it will cost and how much we are holding back from our tax return to build it. Since we aren't holding enough to pay for it out right, we are going to budget a little every month for a few months to finish it. It feels so good to discuss our money together. In the past he would have just started to buy what he needed and then we would fight over the money when we looked at the statements. We are on the same page and he now knows what I know too.

Budgeting isn't about not having any fun or getting anything extra. It is about looking at what you have and putting it to work. What do you need or what do you want to save for. We have a few things we are saving for in addition to paying down our debt fast. My husband has a brother who lives 27 hours away by car. We would like to go visit every year. In order to do so we have to save for it. My husband will need a new truck soon, we are putting money away for that. Once it dies we will buy a different one with cash. Saving for something is a goal and goals are what keeps you motivated. What are you motivated about?

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