Monday, April 15, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge: Day 15

Today's Task . . . Living room and Kitchen/Dinning Room

The days I have to clean the living room and kitchen tend to be the longest. There is a lot of little things that usually need to be done. We are horrible at keeping clutter off our island. Slowly I feel we are taking control of it. If I can clean things off every day it stays under control. 

One thing that is really starting to help keep on top of dishes, is letting my 4 year old wash the supper dishes every night. We are running the dishwasher less. She is learning how to wash dishes and continues to get better at it. After dishes, she wipes down the table. This has helped keep things much cleaner and I'm not doing everything myself

The living room took a few minutes to pick up toys, books, and vacuum.

Getting the girls out of the living room was another chore today.

Then it was on to the Kitchen . . .

First I started by putting the last few clean dishes away, decluttering the island, and then wiping down the dinning room table.
The stove top was a mess so I threw some baking soda on it and then wet soapy towels. I let it sit for about 15 minutes before wiping it off. 
Then I did the dishes . . . 

Wiped down the counters, started some bread in the crockpot, and put the clean dishes away. 

I didn't get everything done I wanted to but Mondays are busy afternoons for us. Any cleaning I get done I can be proud of.

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