Wednesday, April 3, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge Day3: Bedroom

Today's task . . . My bedroom


Well my bedroom definitely needed work. It is the one room that hasn't been painted or had any decorating on the wall at all. It has become a catch all for things we want to hide when people come over and things just keep getting piled higher and higher. 

I only cleaned my room today because the other two rooms aren't as bad. It took me all morning to get everything done. I wish I had time to organize the closet and go through some of our clothes. I also didn't have a chance to vacuum since my littlest was sleeping after I got everything straightened up. 

There was a long list of things that needed to be done. Here is all I did today:
  • put away clean clothes
  • changed sheets and put our spring quilt on the bed
  • cleaned off wash table and sorted through the mess, threw things out and put the rest where it belongs
  • Cleaned off the cedar chest and put everything where it belongs
  • Dusted the cedar chest and wash table
  • Picked up the girls' books and toys and put them away (downstairs with the rest of their stuff)
  • Picked up all the other odds and ends on the floor
Here is the after:

I had a very happy husband when he walked into the bedroom. Hopefully I can keep it this clean so we can paint very soon. Now that it is cleaned up, I am more eager then ever to get rid of my white walls and decorate my room.

How did your room(s) go? I'd love to hear from you. Don't forget to LIKE my Facebook page.


  1. What a difference! Looks great! I did not do my bedroom yesterday, but I did the kids. I read somewhere that the more organized and clean your bedroom is, the better you sleep! I believe it. Keep up the good work!

    1. I am rarely in my room so I didn't think I needed to keep it so clean. No one else sees it so I'm never concerned about keeping it clean. I have a different attitude now!