Monday, April 15, 2013

Save money: make your own Barbie clothes

My 4 year old received her first Barbie two years ago for Christmas. At first it never really got played with but now that is almost all she plays with. Her 2 year old sister is starting to love Barbies too. The clothes the dolls came with don't look so good. Some are just plain falling apart. The Barbie clothes are so expensive and many outfits, I don't feel, are appropriate for my little ones, so I thought about getting a few patterns to make some myself.

One day, while searching Pintrest, I came across a pin about how to make Barbie clothes on After checking it out I thought it was great, so I dug out scrapes and decided to try it. The tutorials were so incredibly easy to follow and the clothes came out looking great. I made some dresses to match the girls' Easter dresses and they went in their Easter baskets. Then I made several dresses, a couple skirts, and a shirt.

The clothes are small so they aren't the easiest to sew. Barbie clothes aren't for beginners but if you've sewed clothes for yourself or kids before, these will be extremely easy to do. 

My daughters love the new Barbie clothes and can put them themselves. My oldest keeps asking for more clothes for her Barbies. She loves to change them into new clothes frequently.

 My 4 year old and 2 year old were very excited when I asked them to take some pictures of their Barbies and all their new clothes. The pictures are all linked up to the tutorial for those clothes.
Cap sleeve shirt and skirt

Formal/Ball Gown Dress

Shortened Formal/Ball Gown




  1. Our church is having camp day at the end of the month. I have been brainstorming 'out of the box' gift baskets for the fundraiser. Barbie and handmade clothes! Thank you so much for the inspiration, I am off to my sewing dungeon to outfit Barbie. :)

    1. Warning you might become addicted to making Barbie clothes. It is so much fun. Of course if you love to sew almost everything is fun:)

  2. I used to make Barbie clothes when I was a little girl out of the tops of worn-out socks, but these are way beyond that! Way cool, mom!

  3. My mom made a few outfits for our Barbies but these are so much nicer and easier.