Tuesday, April 9, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge Day 8

Today's Challenge . . . Floors

Today wasn't the best or worst. What I wanted to get done and what I did get done were two very different things. I wanted to get both the vacuuming and mopping done. The kitchen looks pretty bad since I have little ones who seems to spill a lot. We had a pretty busy afternoon so I never got to the moping. 

I'm ok with it though because we went to the library, picked out some seeds for my daughter to plant, spent some time at Goodwill (found a couple good deals), and bought a few groceries at Aldies. We got back in time for supper, had an ice cream cone as a treat, and played their new game Grandma gave them for Easter. We really had a great day, so who cares if I didn't get all the cleaning I wanted to done. 

We did start our morning out vacuuming all our carpet. For this chore I did have some help. 

My very helpful 4 year old picking up the toys, while her sisters watch.

These two thought it would be more fun to get out their play food and dishes, then help clean up.(At least they aren't fighting)  
 I try to stay on top of my 4 year old and the messes she and her sisters make in the playroom by having her pick up in the morning just before lunch and again before bed. Because of that, there was not too many toys to pick up. Plus the toys they usually play with were in the girls' bedroom.(That's tomorrow's chore)

About 10 minutes of cleaning up toys and we were ready to vacuum.
We usually have a few helpers for vacuuming. 

It didn't take too long to finish. I love that the girls are willing to help, even if it means more work for me sometimes. My 4 year old is getting better and better with her chores. Which is starting to mean less work for me. 

All clean
I finished up the steps, living room, hallway, and upstairs bedrooms myself. The one thing about having a larger house is that there is always more floors to clean. I sometimes miss my little house because of that. 

So how did you do? If you are wondering what this challenge is about check out moneysavingmom.com and join us.


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