Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Goals

After taking a break from the busy summer and a very busy start to our fall, I am ready to have clear goals for myself and family. I find I get more done when I take time to write down what I want to accomplish. Here are my goals for this week:

  • Exercise 5 times this week
  • Devotion daily 
  • One new recipe, sewing pattern, or craft
  • 5 days of preschool with the girls
  • Make my husband sandwiches every day he needs them (this has been an issue in our marriage and I've decided it is so stupid and I need to show him love and appreciation for him by making sandwiches no matter how tired I am at night)
Around the house:
  • Complete my weekly cleaning list
  •  Leave the kitchen clean every night
  • Have the girls do one chore every day

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Answer God's calling

The past few months found me so much busier then I could have imagined. We had family come visit for 2 weeks, which kept me busy, but in a good way. I became the new Sunday School Coordinator at our church, which has taken up a lot of extra time that I didn't expect. At home we have started our preschool homeschooling.

Today I just wanted to share a quick bit of insight. God lays things on our hearts in so many different ways. This morning I woke up dreaming about the Sunday School Christmas program. I have been feeling like God's been laying on my heart to make it simple and just tell the story of Jesus birth. This morning I finally had a clear vision of how to do that in a fun way. What this means is, I am writing my own Christmas play.

I love to write but am always worried what people might think. I never thought God would lay on my heart to write a play that will be seen by a full audience of parents and grandparents. But since God called me to do this, he will take my fear away.

Have you felt God calling you to do something? I didn't know if I could take over running our Sunday School program. I'm younger then the teachers, what do I know about running an entire program? God called me to do this and I have the best teaching staff. Without them and their insights, I couldn't do it. God has called us to do small things and great things. Don't ignore his calling or you will miss a chance to be greatly blessed.