Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Stitch Fix Take 2

 Just before Thanksgiving I received my second Stitch Fix box. (I really need to take a picture of the box next time before I open it and as I'm opening it.) Oh the anticipation of opening the box and finding out what treasures might be inside. I was not disappointed.

What is Stich Fix and How does it Work?

The items were all great. In the end I ended up only keeping two items. With Christmas just around the corner, I needed to make sure I wasn't over spending. I wanted to buy a nice gift for the husband and it takes me a longggggg time to save a little since I don't work outside the home. 

The first item I decided to keep was this beautiful necklace. My five year old thought it was so beautiful that I had to keep it. This was $26.

The next item was something I had requested. I wanted a jean jacket or blazer that could be dressed up or down. I knew this was going to be spendy and it was at $88. 

The next item I returned. I liked these pants but at $98 I needed to love them and so did my husband. When I tried them on to show him, he said they looked like the yoga pants I wear around the house. That made my decision much easier. I liked how they fit. It had a high waist to help slim and smooth everything out. If they were half the price I would have kept them for sure.
 These two sweaters seemed really nice. I really liked the black sweater but it had a little hole in it and I'm paying too much money for holes in clothes. The other sweater was soft and had there not been a weird ridge on the arms, I might have kept this too. The sweaters were $58 and $68.

 Even though I didn't keep three items, I was still very happy with what I received. I have enjoyed trying on things from my own home and being able to take time to decide if I like the items, rather then the few minutes in the dressing room you usually get. 

If you are still thinking about trying Stitch Fix, I'd love if you sign up through my link here. Since we are a one income family, money is tight and I pay for my own clothes through what little extra money I am able to bring in. With each referral I get a $25 credit once the first Fix is placed. Most of my wardrobe still consists of Old Navy sale items that look awful. I really would love to have a few more classic items of quality in my closet.

Friday, December 12, 2014


 Someday the clothes will all be washed and put away, but the closets will be empty.

Someday the house will be quite, but there will no longer be the laughter of children that makes me smile.

Someday there won't be toys all over the house, but the house will feel like an empty tomb.

Someday dishes will always be clean, but the dishes will collect dust as they sit there waiting for someone to use them.

Someday my food bill will be almost nothing, but no one will be there to share the meals I make. 

Someday I won't be a the "soccer" mom hauling kids everywhere, but I won't get to watch them with pride and say to other parents, "That's my kid!".

Someday I will look back and wish I had more time with my kids. This time with them is precious. 

Today is the day to be OK with the things that can bring me down. 

Today is the day to appreciate all the gifts that have been given me.

Today is the day to hug and kiss your children and thank God they are in your lives. 

Tomorrow you can enjoy the peace and joy that comes when you raise your kids to love God and love others.