Wednesday, April 24, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge: Day 24


Today's Task . . . Linen Closets

Today's task was another of those tasks I've been meaning to get to. We are blessed with a house that not only has lots of closets but they are also deep and large, including the two linen closets in the bathrooms. Since they are so deep, things get moved and shoved and often lost especially on the top shelves.

Here's how the closet looks before in the girls' Mickey bathroom.
It wasn't too bad but needed a little rearranging, shelves needed to be wiped down, and the floor needed to be swept and wiped down. 

Not bad. Only took about 10 minutes. 

Now on to my husband's and my bathroom. 
This needed a little more work. I threw a few things away. Gave away a few things. And put a couple things in the garage sale box. Did some rearranging and wow do I have a lot more space now. Everything on the top shelf was pulled to the front leaving half the shelf still empty. The other two shelves are a little over half full.

 It sure feels good to have this looking nice and neat. Old medicines are no longer taking space and making more clutter. Towels are much more accessible. Everything is in a place and easy to find.

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