Friday, April 19, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge: Day 19

Today's Task . . . Entryway
Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. My darling and very helpful four year old spent time getting out shoes from a box that don't currently fit anyone. She spent time comparing everyone's feet to the shoes and deciding who they fit. That doubled our shoes in our entryway. We are usually able to keep most of the shoes contained and the girls are getting better about putting them away. Yeah!

The first thing I needed to do is pull all the shoes out and sort through them. I made a nice big pile of shoes that don't fit or I'm hoping we don't need, like dress boots (We recieved over 6 inches of snow last night). 
I put those away in the box, where they belong, and the shoes we need on their shelves. Finally, swept and moped the floor. Yes, done for the day.

The two year old has her shoes on a separate shelf to make it easier for her to find her own shoes. 

How did you do today?


  1. Anonymous4/19/2013

    Your entryway looks great, and I love your floor! I only have one little boy (18 months) and one of his favourite things to do is take all the shoes off the shelf by the back door and line them up in the living room -- makes me crazy! But it always amazes me how much shoe clutter there is when they aren't on the shelf. Aahh!

    1. Shoe clutter is sometimes harder to contain then toy clutter. Thankfully it is much quicker to pick up.

  2. I'm guessing from the amount if pink on your shoe shelves that you live in a household of girls! I'm the only 'girl' in my household, so I don't see much pink around the place!

    1. Yes we were blessed with three girls. There is a lot of pink and purple around here. Far more then my husband cares for:)

  3. Anonymous4/21/2013

    Awesome job! Love the shelf!