Thursday, March 21, 2013

Early to Rise: Day 21 Be happy!

Rise time . . . 5:50

Another long night of little sleep. It gets hard some mornings but I have never regreted getting up early, not even once. This has been an amazing ride for me. I am so happy I've done this challenge. Having time to myself, especially those mornings where I get 2 hours to myself, change my attitude and my day. I enjoy my kids even more.

Take a moment to look back at all you've accomplished. How do you feel? I hope you are smiling because you have done more the past 21 days then you have before. You are productive in your morning and if you have kids you have more energy to care for thei needs.

I've had good mornings and tough mornings, but waking up even 10 minutes before my kids has given me enough time to wake up my mind and my body. I am smiling this morning because I have not just survived 21 days of this challenge but embraced it.

What is making you smile about the challenge today? 

Check out the chatter at and finish the challenge with us.

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