Monday, March 25, 2013

Early to Rise: Day 25 Share it!

Rise time . . . 5:30


This has been a wonderful journey. As I reflect on the past 25 days I really see the difference my morning time has made in my attitude and ambition. I really feel like I added hours to my day and in some ways I have. Once the kids are in bed my husband and I just watch TV for an hour or so before going to bed. TV is not a necessity so cutting out a half hour or hour hasn't been hard at all. I wake up refreshed and ready to start my day.

How has your journey been? Have you been telling your friends and family about it? Some may think your crazy. So what? Tell them to try it for 30 days with you and then see if it's crazy. Adding an hour to your day doesn't sound crazy to me.

Today try telling others close to you about your experience. Having someone do it with you, provides accountability. Accountability is what helps drive people to succeed. We are naturally competitive as humans. We have a drive to succeed and not fail. Having a partner always makes the difference.

Why have I done so well? I have others joining me through a challenge presented by I am not alone. There are many struggling just like me and succeeding just like me. In five days the challenge ends. Who is going to hold you accountable? Will your spouse? A friend? A sister? A coworker? Find someone that will challenge you to continue being better.

We've already learned that successful people get up early. Successful people are often called crazy as they begin their journey to be better. They are different and do things differently. Our lives aren't working, yet we the same thing over and over. Then we call those who dare to be different crazy. So who is really the crazy one?

Now that we are on day 25 SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Prepare yourself and equip yourself for the next 30 days. Find others who want to experience what you have.

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