Monday, March 4, 2013

Early to Rise Challenge: Day 2 and 3

Day two and three went about the same as the first day. Kids up at 6:30 when they usually sleep until 7:30-8:00. They seem to know I want a little time to myself in the morning and plan on sabotaging my efforts. Tomorrow I am setting the alarm for 6:00 and slowly extend that time back until I find the right time that will work for me.

Day 2 message from Early To Rise: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days talks about naming your alarm clock. Reading it you may think it sounds crazy but when you really take time to reflect on what the author is trying to say, it starts to make sense. When you are not a morning person the object waking you up become something you really don't like. When you stop hating the alarm clock and think of him as a friend, you start looking forward to your mornings and everything they might hold.

Day 3 message from Early To Rise: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days really spoke to my heart. As a mom of three I rarely get time to myself to do things that I really enjoy. Last week I got very little done because I had 2 kids cutting teeth. All my 18 month old wanted to do was cuddle. My 2 year old was a little more cranky than normal so the kids seemed to be fighting much more. This did not give me a chance to get anything done and by the time the kids are in bed, I am so exhausted I don't want to do much and I still have a husband who needs me.

Having that hour or two every morning just to do what I want and need is going to make me feel much better about what I've accomplished for the day. I will be selfish in the morning and take care of me so that I can better care for my family.

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