Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Early to Rise: Day 19 What will you do today?

Rise time  . . . 5:30

Now that we are over the half way mark, how are you doing with this challenge. I've had a lot of good mornings and some bad. It usually depends on how my night goes. I love my kids but when I don't get a good nights sleep, it's often harder to start my day out on a positive note.

I am a schedule and list person. I love love love them. I feel more organized with my time and I also don't feel so overwhelmed with what needs to get done. My daily schedule is fairly easy going since my kids are young enough to stay home with me and old enough to play with each other. Today's schedule for me is this:

5:30 Wake up, get coffee
5:45 Devotion, Write blog post, eat breakfast
7:30ish get breakfast for the girls
8:00 Clean up breakfast, Claire (my sister who has FASD and has to be watched) arrives
8:15 Hang diapers and liners in dryer, start a load of laundry
8:30 work time for me, check email, facebook, blog
9:45 Get girls in bathroom to brush teeth and hair, Get Claire ready to be picked up for school, Snack for the girls, switch laundry to dryer
10:30-11 Put youngest down for nap
11:00 unload dishwasher
12:00 get lunch for the two older girls and myself
12:15 mop bathroom floors
12:45 help girls mop tile in basement (chore for them)
1:00 me time again to do work until youngest wakes up and needs lunch, Claire arrives from school
2:15-4 work time for me, planning supper, breaking up fights, cuddling with girls, reading library books, snack time
4:00 get Ava ready for dance, get in van for dance
5:25 home from dance, get supper ready
6:00 clean up supper, dishes
7:30 get girls ready for bed
9:00 bed time for me

I'm looking at my schedule thinking oh my gosh do I really do all that? Yes I do almost everyday. I do have a few hours of free time each day but often it is interrupted very frequently. Most days I have a little one who just sits with me and cuddles for long periods of time.

My schedule does not control me, I control it. This currently works for my family. We may sound busy and I guess we are but we all know what to expect and it typically flows pretty well. Now that I am getting up an hour or two before anyone wakes up, I have time to work on my blog posts without interruption. I have more control over my schedule now.

Everyday is going to be what you make of it. If you don't take control of your day, your day will take control of you. We all know there are only so many hours in your day. What are you doing that could give you more time. Are you spending hours watching TV? Do you have a hobby that takes up much of your time? Your day will only be what you make of it. If you need more time in your day then find it. Shut off the TV for an hour and get something done. Be a better you so you can be better for your family.

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