Friday, March 22, 2013

Early to Rise: Day 22 Sharing the Moment

Rise time . . . 6:20

As you may guess my night did not go well and neither did my morning. I had a little visitor to my bed at 5:30 and I couldn't get away from her. When I moved she'd start whining and fussing and snuggling closer. Finally at 6:20 I was able to slide out of bed without disturbing her. I had about 20 minutes before my four year old got up. That's better then nothing.

I love the idea of spending time with my husband in the morning. I have been struggling with what to do in a few weeks when he goes back to work. He is seasonal so about four months out the year he is on unemployment and the other eight he works an average of 65 hours a week.

Most mornings he is up around 4:30 and gone by 5. I am planning on getting up and packing his cooler every morning. We can spend time talking on the phone as he drives to work (it's a 45 minute drive). It would give us more valuable time then snuggling on the couch watching TV at night. We would also be guaranteed time together, since he often gets home very late.

Every family and every household is different. You will just have to find what works for you. Think about spending time with someone you love. If not your husband/wife then maybe one of your kids. Spend a few extra minutes alone with them by waking them up 10 minutes early.

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