Thursday, March 28, 2013

Early to Rise: Day 28 Pray

Rise time . . . 5:30
Prayer has always been a struggle in my life. I know how important it is and when I do spend time daily in prayer I feel more at peace about my life. I know that God is in control and that he will guide me to make the best decisions for my family and me.
We all tend to say little prayers when we need something. "God please help me find my keys so I can get to work." "God please give me strength to deal with my kids." We often plead with him at the last minute to do something, yet we could have taken it to him in prayer much sooner.
God loves us and doesn't just want to hear our pleading. Is that how you would speak to your best friend? If Jesus is your savior, why are you just spending time to plead with him? You should be on your knees thanking him for what he has done and what he has given you each and every day.
Thanking God is incredibly important. He is to be your best friend. When I talk to God, I talk as though he is next to me. I speak to him like I would any friend. He wants to know about your life, so share it with him. I love the days where I might be cleaning and just having a conversation with God, telling him what's going on in my life.
Is there something in your life you need help with. Divine help is as good as you can get. Ask him for big things and small things. He created the world and you. I'm sure he can handle whatever you need.
As a teenager I found it silly to pray over a lost camera, but at camp that is what I along with my friends did. After searching for several minutes, we prayed and within a minute we found it in one of my friend's bags.
As I started growing in my faith I really started understanding what Jesus meant when he said "ask and it shall be given to you". It may not always be what we want, but sometimes it is.
At 15 I went on my first missions trip to Monterrey, Mexico. On first day we went out to do our door to door and invite people to our program that night.
As supper drew near, we gathered and the leaders started to get everything set up. As they started setting everything out they discovered that we didn't have enough sandwiches. We were short about 20. They counted several times and every time they were short 20. Our leaders prayed over the food asking God to make it last.
Meal time came and the local church members we worked with went first, then the female participants, male participants, the female leaders, and finally the male leaders. Everyone received a sandwich. Not only that, but there was about 20 left over. Kids that were watching us eat and waiting for our program, were given sandwiches. I know that God answered the prayers of our leaders and showed his power to us.
After that experience I truly understood the power of prayer. God does answer. The hard thing is He can answer several ways. Yes is what we want to hear. Wait is hard for us to hear. No is never what we want to hear. We still need to keep praying. I would rather hear something from God then nothing at all.
Prayer is always going to be a struggle for me. I just need to keep praying and know that God is there. I need to be better about thanking him, asking for help with the little things, and also be on my knees asking for forgiveness each and every day. I am so far from perfect, but Jesus gave us the opportunity to washed white as snow. God can only be with us because we have been washed in the blood. Let's spend time with God today.

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