Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guest Blogger

I am looking for some guests bloggers. My plan is to feature one each month and as interest increases, I may add more.There are some specific things I am looking for but am very much open to more ideas. As a stay at home mom, I want to make my blog everything about being a mom (I'd love to feature a few dads too)

Your blog post must consist of at least two paragraphs describing your topic idea, any recipes, directions, or links to sites where you got information, two or three sentences describing yourself, a picture of yourself, and any pictures to enhance your post.

Topic Ideas 
  • Quick and easy meals that are family friendly
  • Crockpot meals that are family friendly
  • Crafts for preschoolers
  • DIY anything for the house
  • Money saving tips  

You don't need a blog, but if you do that's great. If you are interested email me your idea(s) at and I will answer any questions you might have. I hope to hear from you soon.


  1. I am a new reader to your blog. I have blogged for many years and took a break recently because we moved to become Pastor/Pastor Wife at a church.

    I'd have wrote in the past for The Homemaker's Cottage, Healthy Me, Emphasis on Moms, and Multi-Tasking Moms. I also had a question that began a series on Burn Out on Money Saving Mom.

    I'd love to help with a couple of post when you need it. I am trying to get back in the blogging world.

    1. That sounds grea!. I love blogging but am having a hard time posting often enough and take care of my family. I'd love to have a few guest posts a month just to keep me from burning out. Just email me any ides you have. I am very open to just about anything.