Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY: Crochet Dish cloths

Now that Christmas is over with and you have extra yarn laying around, what are you going to do with it? Well I had several little balls of yarn and had no idea what to do with it. One day it dawned on me, why not make some simple wash cloths. I needed new dish cloths anyway so I why not make a few. I didn't need anything fancy since it is just for scrubbing dishes. 

I just took my left over yarn and started experimenting. I just made it the width to match the washcloths I already had. You can use whatever stitch you prefer. I prefer the single crochet because it makes a much tighter stitch. 

They work great and cost me nothing. I used every bit of extra yarn I had. I don't care if there is different colors of yarn. I like being able to use what I already have to make something that I need. Whenever I can save money, even a few dollars, I try. It does make a difference even if you don't see it.

For all you beginning to crochet here is a great pattern to practice on (great for young kids first learning to crochet):

Simple Crochet Washcloths

G size hook or (whatever you have close to that)
Leftover yarn  

I started by chaining 31, but if you want your washcloth bigger or smaller adjust to the size you want

I prefer to use a single crochet to make it tighter but you can use any stitch you like. 

Single crochet in each chain across (30), chain one, turn

Single crochet in each single crochet (30), chain one, turn

Continue until finished

(If you are looking to practice all your stitches or even more complicated ones, vary your rows by doing a different stitch on each row. You can practice and get something practical in the end.)

Here are more great patterns if you want something more complicated to try for yourself or as a gift:
Ball Hank n' Skein 
Creative Jewish Mom

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