Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adventures in Budgeting: Month Two

In beginning our budget I never thought about when would be a good time to start budgeting. We've always had enough money to pay our bills so we never saw the need. Now I really see how important it is especially when you have an ever changing income. My husband is a seasonal employee so four months out of the year he is on unemployment. This can be a difference for up to $800 a week. During his working months we put away money so that during the winter we can make up the difference. By budgeting I know exactly how much we have to be putting away each month and if we are meeting that goal.
December is probably the worst time to start a budget but I am so glad we did even if we couldn't stick with it. I have decided to take our clothing budget and put it into an envelope so when Carter's has it's end of season sales, I can use the cash then instead of a small amount every month. This is also for shoes, socks, and underwear. 

To help us stay on budget for birthdays and Christmas, I decided to do the same as the clothing budget. I figured out what we spend on gifts (which is not that much) for the entire year and divided it into 12 months. The beginning of the month, cash goes in the envelopes for gifts and clothing. 
I strongly encourage you try to get on some sort of budget. I am much more aware of how much we spend and am more inclined to wait on things that may not be in our budget for the month. The chances are it is a want rather than a need. 

I love Dave Ramsey's resources and am very encouraged by him and others' stories like mine. You don't want to wait until you are in serious financial trouble to start a budget. Do it now and start building wealth.

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