Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013 on 123 Busy Bees

So here is the countdown to the best of 2013 here on 123 Busy Bees. See if you can notice a theme in my most popular post from 2013.

10. Clutter Busting Challenge: Day 16

9. Clutter Busting Challenge: Day 18

8. DIY Princess Dresses

7. Kid's Shorts Tutorial 

6. 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge Day 18

5. 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge Day 12

4. Clutter Busting Challenge Day 3

3. Clutter Busting Challenge Day 1

2. Saving Money by Cleaning with Vinegar

1. Saving Money: Make Your Own Barbie Clothes

So did you notice the theme in my popular posts. Either you like to see me clean my house or you like seeing my messy house. Either way I hope you have enjoyed my blog in 2013. You will see so many new things in 2014. Happy New Year everyone and thank you for reading my post. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Google + so you don't miss anything.

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