Friday, May 24, 2013

Kid's Shorts Tutorial

As I get ready for summer and inventory my 4 year olds clothes, I discover that there are only 2 pairs of shorts. She has plenty of skorts, but I like her to wear shorts under her dresses when she is playing and 2 pairs is just not going to cut it. My mom suggested I make some shorts for her. I decided to give it a try. The cheapest I was going to find them was $6.00 a pair anyway.

So I went shopping with my daughter and she picked out three different prints: ladybug, pink polka dot, and print you will see in this tutorial. 

Materials list: 
  • A yard of fabric will make 3 pairs of shorts for a 5T size and smaller
  • Scissors or cutting tool
  • Elastic (I used 1/2 inch but it really is a preference)
  • Pattern 
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching color thread

First you need to make a pattern. The shorts I modeled after are Carter's brand. They are much shorter than I wanted and are tighter than what I wanted. I just adjusted taking into consideration the seam allowance and the casing on the top of the shorts.

When you look at your shorts, you will notice the back is slightly different than the front. The crouch is slightly longer.
Cut two front and two back

Put front right sides together and sew the crouch together. I surge but I would zigzag if you don't have a surger.
Do the same for the back sides
Open to look like shorts
Pin right sides together at crouch area after opening up
Surge or zigzag crouch

Pin right sides together and sew down the sides. I again surge but a straight stitch is fine.

Hem the leg openings
Iron a casing for the elastic. Make sure your elastic will fit. I then sew an embroidery stitch on one layer of the back so my daughter can find the back. Make sure it's just the top layer or you won't be able to put your elastic through.
Sew the casing. Leave a small opening to put your elastic in. I put a safety pin on the elastic to help weave it through.
Once it is weaved through I sew the elastic together and close the casing. To keep the elastic in place you can do a small straight stitch on the sides

She loves her new shorts!

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