Monday, May 6, 2013

Summer Project Shed/Playhouse Part 3

Well my husband was busy this weekend. We had beautiful weather, despite having our backyard looking like a swap. The back few feet has standing water, it smells like the lake in August (it stinks!). 

Saturday he was busy working on the steps to get to the top level. He still has to put a railing up but the girls can go up and down much easier.

Sunday after church, my husband picked up paint for the outside. While the two older ones were at grandma's and grandpa's and the youngest taking a nap, we painted the outside. It went on fast and dried fast. Then my husband put in the windows. It's starting to look pretty nice. 

He is hoping to shingle the roof next weekend. All he has left is to sheetrock the inside, put up trim inside and out, and finish the deck on the top level. So much for this being a summer long project. I'm going to have to think of something to keep him busy for the second half of the summer.

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