Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How Did I Prepare for the Challenge?

Flats and Hand Washing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry
For one week I use only flat diapers and any accessories that can be used with it. All diapers are hand washed and hung to dry. 

I really did not need anything. In fact I bought nothing for this challenge. I already had everything I needed since I have been using flats since last summer and really love to use them. 

About 2 weeks ago I started thinking about how I was going to wash them. My wonderful husband reminded me that we have a wash board hanging on the wall in the garage I could use in our wash sink. Problem solved, nothing bought. 

Here is what I am using and about how much each costs:

  • 5 Woolybug covers at $10.99 a piece
  • A dozen Birdseye flats for $23.97
  • 3 Hemp Flats for nighttime from Geffen Baby at $6.95 a piece
  • Cloth wipes made out of scraps of flannel from my sewing stash.
  • Wash board found in the in-laws barn a year ago
  • Homemade soap (click here for recipe) which will cost a penny or two for the week.
Total cost: $55.81

My 5 Wollybug Covers. I love the lady bug print!
Birdseye on the left, Geffen Baby hemp flat on right. I pad fold to make it much easier for hubby to manage.
Homemade wipes. Wipe solution is half gallon water, a squirt of baby soap, and a few drops of Tea Tree Oil.

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