Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saving Money: Making your own laundry soap

     If you are like any normal American family, you are trying to find ways to save money. One way to save money is to make your own laundry soap. It is so super easy and saves our family money.
     It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and for our family of 5 it lasts about 6 months. When I calculated the costs, it comes out to less than $.01 a load! It has been a huge saving. Depending on your brand, most store bought start from around $.20 a load.
     Because of the low sudsing sensation, it works perfectly in HE washers. My clothes have never been so clean. It is gentle on the skin, which is important for our family since the girls and I all have eczema.

My Recipe

1 Cup grated soap (I use Felsneptha but you may use any other bar soap. Favorites are ivory and dove)
1 Quart of water
1 Cup washing soda
1 Cup borax
5 gallon bucket

  1. Grate your bar of soap. (I often do this in front of the TV at night when my kids are asleep. One bar of Felsneptha makes two cups so I grate the whole bar and save half for later.)

  2. Fill the 5 gallon bucket about half full with warm water. Add the washing soda and borax and stir until dissolved. 

  3. Boil 1 quart water in a saucepan. Add grated soap a little at a time until all the soap is melted. Add to the 5 gallon bucket. Stir.

  4. Fill the bucket almost to the top. Leave some room in case it is too think and you need to add a little water. (I usually fill it in the shower)

  5. Let sit for several hours. (I continually check on it and stir it)
  6. Stir until it is fairly smooth. (It will be one solid chunk. I use my hands and arms to stir and break it up.)
Now it's ready. All you need is about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per load. 

Let us know what your favorite laundry soap recipe is.

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