Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Felt Christmas Tree for Kids

 Christmas trees and children never mix. Last year I didn't even want to set ours up until a few days before. I was dreading having a two year old and one year old playing with the tree every time I turned around. Well the husband didn't listen and it was up for a few weeks and of course the girls were in it constantly. 

This year my husband set our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving. We have NEVER had it up so early. Now with three little girls this felt like a nightmare but I couldn't tell my husband no to the tree. The saving grace has been an idea floating around pintrest, a felt tree for your kids to decorate. Genius! 

My Black Friday shopping was at Hancock Fabrics where I purchased the felt for the tree. It costs me a few dollars to make and about a half hour to put together.

What you need 
  •  sharp sissors
  •  1/2 yard of green felt (sold by the yard at fabric stores)
  • 1 sheet of brown for tree trunk
  • variety of felt colors (sold in sheets at craft stores)
  • Tacky glue or craft glue
  • circle to trace for Christmas balls 
  • any other shape to trace for ornaments
 Start with the tree. I folded the felt hotdog style and cut the tree out to the size I wanted. I made my large so that it could grow with my girls. Glue on the piece of brown to make the trunk.

I made a star for the top out of yellow and traced circles on the sheets of felt I had purchased for Christmas balls. The ornaments can be as fancy or simple as you want them to be. Just use your scraps to add embellishments. You can also use glitter glue or puffy paints to make them more fun.

I'm sure pieces will be lost so next year I can easily add different pieces and make my current ones fancier but for this year simple is best. 


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