Friday, November 16, 2012

Saving Money: Diapers

     About a year and half ago my husband and I had two in diapers and one more on the way. The cost of diapers every month was getting very expensive. We were spending around $80 a month on two and wipes were about $10 (I made my own out of paper towels).
     I had looked into cloth diapers when I first got pregnant but didn't do very well research and decided against it. The sticker price on one cloth diaper is usually what turns people off. Who wants to pay $20 to $30 for one diaper?
     After really looking into cloth diapers, I decided to finally give them a try. Most cloth diaper retailers give you 30 day trial period. This made me feel much better about trying and seeing how I liked them.
     I honestly thought I'd try them just because we needed to save money and I was willing to sacrifice the convenience of disposables. What I found out as I entered into the cloth diaper world is that there are so many options making it very convenient. I also found out that no matter how worn out your diapers are, some one is always willing to buy them from you when you are finished with them.
     So a year and a half later I have spent less than a thousand on diapers for two kids full time. I have tried pocket diapers, All-in-ones, hybrids and flats. My two year old is beginning to potty train so I will begin selling some of my diapers and get some back. The money I put into diapers was completely paid off from uses in about 6 months. I make my own flannel wipes out of scraps so we are saving about $120 a year just on wipes alone. In the end we will save at least $2,000 possible more. It has been worth it and I find myself LOVING my cloth diapers.

If you are curious about cloth diapering check out Changing Diapers Book by Kelly Wells. Click the link on my sidebar to learn more. Almost every question about cloth diapering is in that book. It will give you an idea about each different option and help you decide what is the best option for you.


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