Monday, November 12, 2012

Finger print tree

     My 3 year old has been so curious about the trees changing colors and the leaves falling off. I've tried the best to explain the whole process. A great book to explain is Leaves Fall Down by Lisa Bullard.   
She has finally entered that stage where she has a question about anything and everything. Those conversations seem to be very interesting and I find myself not always sure what she wants to hear, but I try my best.

     Since my girls love painting, I had my husband pick up finger paints so that we could do some fun projects. I decided we should do some fun fall art projects since it is fall and we've been talking about what fall is
     I came across this activity on All Kids Network and tweaked it to fit my girls. I prepped a tree ahead of time (as I do with all art projects) instead of using their hand and arm. They were so excited  about painting and had been waiting a couple days to do so.

 The kids are supposed to make finger prints with the paint, but after a few minutes of trying to get them to just use their finger tips, I gave up and let them go at it on their own. After about 15 minutes they had their paper covered and their hands full of paint and huge smiles on their faces.


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