Monday, May 20, 2013

Why am I Taking this Challenge?

Flats and Hand Washing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry
For one week I use only flat diapers and any accessories that can be used with it. All diapers are hand washed and hung to dry. 

I started using cloth diapers when my oldest had just turned two, my second was 7 months old, and I was pregnant with my youngest. I hadn't wanted to try them before because all I could see is my mom washing my brothers flats, hanging them in our basement to dry, hours folding them, pins, dunking in the toilet, and rubber pants. It was not something I really wanted to repeat if possible.

After using pocket diapers for a year and a half I bought my first flat diapers. I already had some covers that I used with disposable inserts when we were traveling or out and about. 

My youngest had really bad diaper rash and I was needing something that would keep her butt dry and allow for more breathing. After about 2 weeks of using them, I feel in love with them. Over the next few months I acquired snappies, more covers, and 3 hemp flats for nighttime.

My fear of flats was long gone and the love for flats was born. I want to share with other mommies that might not be sure about flats. They can be a little scary if you have the same memories as I did. Creative mommies have made cloth diapering, even with flats, so much easier.

This challenge is a great opportunity to really share the experiences I have had with my flats and how incredibly easy they are to use. They are nothing like they were in the 80's and can save parents thousands if they just give them a chance.

Since I use flats and love them, getting my baby to wear them isn't a challenge but hand washing them truly will be. It will get me prepared for this summer when I will need to wash a few diapers while we are camping.

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