Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flats and Hand Washing Challenge: Day 6 What the fold?


Flats and Hand Washing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry
For one week I use only flat diapers and any accessories that can be used with it. All diapers are hand washed and hung to dry. 

The one thing I do find frustrating with flats is finding the best fit. Before this challenge I used 2 folds. Most of the time I use the pad fold because it is easy for my husband when he does change the diapers. When my daughter has bad diaper rash I have to use another fold to keep it in place so it doesn't rub. For this I use the origami fold. 

Since there has been a lot of talk about folds on the Facebook page I decided I should try out the different folds to see if there are any other I like more. Since my daughter is 21 months and on the chunky side it has been a little more difficult trying to get some to work.

Here she is with the Kite fold with the Birdseye flat and a hemp flat pad folded inside for nighttime:
It stays pretty well, but as I said she is on the chunky side and if she is being her normal stinker self, it can be hard to get it on her no matter the fold. The flaps meet in the middle making it a nice fit in the front and when the legs are rolled, they are nice and snug there too. I plan on using this fold again in the future.

Here is the pad fold inside my cover. Super easy for the hubby and 
Grandma to handle. I do adjust the cover by snapping it to the middle or medium position so the flat stays a little better.

The origami is still a favorite of mine because the wings are much longer then the others and larger babies need that to hold it on. I can over lap the wings and get a good fit. 

The front is much tighter than some of the other folds and after rolling in the legs, it is a really good fit.

The diaper bag fold is not one I will be returning to. I may try this on my nephew some day as he is only 10 months. I really had to try hard to get it to fit. The middle had to be widened and the back fanned way out to get it all the way around to the front of her.
 It was not a great fit and just takes too long to try to get it to fit decently. It did not work for us at all.

The last fold is the Jo fold and like the diaper bag fold it is hard to get it to fit her. When she wiggles around it comes unfolded and it was not a good experience. This I'm sure would work great with a smaller baby. If I get a chance to use it on my nephew I will update this post. 

These opinions are all my own and what works for my little one may not work for yours. I encourage you to give them a chance and see what works for you. It does take practice in folding and putting on baby. Don't get discouraged the first time. You will figure it out. 

If you are looking for some great tutorials on folds and other information on flats check out Dirty Diaper Laundry for more information.

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