Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'm a Consultant!

Direct sale businesses are growing incredibly fast. I looked into it years ago but made the decision not to sell because of a few key things. 
  1. Start up cost: Some were really expensive and others you got almost nothing. 
  2. Incredibly competitive: I went to an information meeting for a direct sales company and was blown away at the almost greediness that I felt from it. I like this company and have liked my consultants but I just believe the structure that was set up is really about SELL SELL SELL and less about needs of consultants and costumers
  3. Minimum sales required: With very young ones, I didn't want to have to book several parties a month, hope for good sales, pay for a babysitter, and come up short at the end of the month and have to buy something in order to continue being a consultant. 
 So why after that did I sign up for Usborne Books and More? Easy. The start up costs are really great. This month, September, we have a great deal. You only need $25 to start your own business. If you want another option, for $69 you get 7 books and everything you need to start your business which is valued at $115. If you want more books, for $119 you get 18 books valued at $315. All are really great options.
 Usborne has far less consultants then any other direct sales business out there. We are growing quickly but getting in before your area is flooded with consultants is going to be the key to your success. 

The other consultants I've met have been incredibly helpful. There will always be that one who is out for blood, but so far I have only felt welcomed and encouraged by others around me. 

The feel I get is that you take care of yourself first, meaning you and family comes first. Create a schedule that works for your family. Then take care of your customers so that you can build your business. 

The best thing about Usborne? NO minimum sales. You make your business your own. We have all kinds of consultants and most consultants will move up and down throughout their years with Usborne. I'm kinda of a Part-time consultant sometimes a hobby consultant. If you are trying to pay down a large bill, this may be an option. You can do it short term, until you have that bill paid off, and stop.

So have you liked anything you've seen? If you are interested in finding out more about Usborne, either selling or hosting a party let me know. You can send me a message by linking here: https://h4503.myubam.com/contactus

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