Monday, January 5, 2015

Spelling-You-See Demontstration


I really love being able to be home with my kids and involved in what they are learning. By homeschooling I am able to accomplish this. 

If you are wondering what I curriculum we are using and haven't read my previous blog post, you can read it HERE.

We have been using Spelling-You-See consistently since August. I am really loving this program. It is meant to be used for up ten minutes. There are no spelling lists and repetitive writing of words that only allows your student to memorize for the test and forget. 

Check out the video below to see how we do our spelling session.

As you can see we do school time in pj's and sweats. There are kids giggling in the background and a dog walking around under the table. I didn't stage this, I just set up the camera and pushed play. I wanted to give a real look into how we do it. 

 My daughter is fast at spelling and it has come easily to her. If my child was struggling, I would stop at 10 minutes and that would be the end of the lesson. 

What I really like about this book is how it is set up for mastery. A child works on a specific spelling skill or rule before moving on to the next and there are days and weeks of review before moving on to the next skill level. Because they say to stop at 10 minutes, the child who is struggling isn't going to feel that frustration hump they can't get over. As a homeschooling parent, you don't want to feel like your pulling teeth to get them to finish a lesson. This curriculum allows you to do what your child needs.

In the next book, level B, the child begins practicing dictation along with practicing spelling skills like chunks. This continues on throughout the series. Dictation length increases with each book and gives the child repetition in spelling words within context rather then a spelling list. 

Here is a sample lesson in book B

I haven't decided yet if we will continue with Spelling-You-See only because our reading/phonics curriculum also has spelling. Once we finish Level A I will reevaluate at that time and see what is the best choice for us. The programs are similar. I may end up using this program for my other girls in addition to their phonics, especially my 4 year old who has had speech problems, or just use the phonics spelling. It will depend on how much extra practice my girls will need.

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