Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Going dairy free

What does every parent pray doesn't happen to their kids? An allergy to some type of food. Our youngest has been having reactions to chocolate since she was a year old. A few months ago we started noticing some odd reactions her body was having to something and doing some research it pointed to a dairy allergy.

Oh boy, was my reaction. I was hoping it wouldn't happen but something was not right with our little one. After having a hot dish that had TONS of dairy in it and waking up the next morning with a little one complaining of a tummy ache, we decided to cut dairy out for a month. After a week we were seeing a lot of improvement and elimination of symptoms.

It was a long and tough month for us. The list of things we couldn't feed our daughter grew daily. After a couple of weeks into it I was wishing she had a gluten allergy instead. Dairy is in EVERYTHING. We have to buy Hebrew National hotdogs, because other brands have a dairy protein used in preserving the product. Pepperoni has the same dairy protein. Some spice mixes can also have a dairy protein. The list just keeps growing and growing.

It was completely overwhelming. I found a great website that really helped me figure things out. has been an amazing resource for me. I am slowly getting better at not only finding substitutes for dairy but meals that we can all eat together. 

As I continue on this journey I will be sharing with you recipes that I have found that work well, taste good, and are easy to make for my family.

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