Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Getting Organized Day 6

 Do you have 15 minutes a day to spend on a simple task that will make your home life run easier. Here's how I'm doing it. With a little help of Home Storage Solutions and their 52 week challenge, I am going to get things organized a little at a time. 

Day 6 task is decluttering kitchen utensils and silverware drawer. I didn't think I'd actually get rid of a lot. Surprise, Surprise! 
Here is what my lid and medicine drawer looked after I cleaned (I forgot a before picture). 
I put many lids on the cups and on our top shelf since we typically use them when little ones are over. I had a vary large pile of medicine dispensers. Every time we get a new bottle of something, there is a medicine dropper and it just kept getting tossed in the drawer. Lots of room for a few little items that were crowed into another drawer. 

The drawer that was crammed full of odds and ends looked like this: 

After moving this into the other drawer and throwing things away, it looked like this:

Nice and clean and no digging for things anymore.

Lastly was the large utensil drawer that has to be a certain way for it to close and not get stuck. Here's what it looks like and it wouldn't shut at the time of the picture:

And since I had room in another small drawer, here it is all organized: 
It was nice being able to discard things we didn't need and wipe out the drawers so they are nice and clean. It's the little things in life that make your day.

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