Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Project: Bunk Beds, Triple Bunk Beds

Well I finally talked my husband into actually building bunk beds for the girls. I found the idea of triple bunk beds on Pintrest. I thought it was a great idea with three girls. My husband wasn't sure since we do have a 4 bedroom house. We want to keep one room for guests and my craft room plus some storage, so two would always have to share. I don't want to deal with fighting over who shares with who.

We finally came to the conclusion that we could use one room for my sewing and crafts and the other could be turned into a school room for as long as we home school. Both can still be used for guests.

Well husband and I threw some ideas around. We liked the idea but didn't love the plan we found that was mounted to the wall. My husband decided to use posts to make it sturdy and mount the beds to that instead. 

I didn't want an actual ladder, like the plans we had found, since the girls are still pretty little and steps wouldn't work, so my husband made a combination of the two. 

My husband is a rock-star and finished building it in one weekend. By that Wednesday he was able to put it together and the next day we took a trip to IKEA to get mattresses.

We haven't moved the two year old down yet. I took her crib apart and turned it into the toddler bed at the same time as the other two got her bunk bed. She can't handle being with her sisters yet.

 I also don't want the three year old, who is currently on the bottom bunk, crawling out of the middle bunk in the middle night. She is in our room at least once a week. 

It is ready for the little one when the little one is ready to move in with her sisters even if it will be another couple of years.


  1. Love it! Reese and Finn will def have to see that!

    1. You will have to make it over here soon to check them out.