Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I LOVE Paying Cash

On Saturday my husband and I went shopping together. This doesn't usually go the best, but this time we talked about what we were going to buy before we left the house. At the check out neither my husband or I had a panic attack at the amount that rang up. Usually he spends the rest of the trip asking if I needed everything. 

I have changed how I do the envelops and instead leave the money in our checking account and keep track of what is in each category on a spreadsheet. That way we can carry money over from month to month and have the ability to buy without having our envelops in hand. 

The first thing on my list to buy on Saturday was some new clothes. I've bought very little for myself except maternity in the past 5 years. Shopko had some great deals so I picked up a new pair of jeans, a sweater dress, and a long sleeve shirt.

 We also have money set aside for Christmas so I snagged up ornaments now because they are 50% off already and are gone by the time I start looking.
 My largest purchase is one I've been waiting for a long time. My mop broke in the middle of the cleaning challenge back in May. We haven't had the money to buy a new one so I've been waiting for money and a good deal. This is where I believe God made it possible. Shopko had the Shark on sale. I was a little disappointed the next step up was sold out but I am happy I have this one rather than none.
This was one of my best shopping trips ever. I usually get worried about what the husband's going to say and he usually gets upset because it's money leaving our pockets. Budgeting and planning ahead has changed our marriage so much. I don't think we've had a fight about money since we started budgeting in December.


  1. Woo hoo Heather! It's nice when things start getting figured out a little right? Yay to good spousal shoping trips. :)

    1. It was really a nice trip. The first time ever my husband didn't say that magic phrase, "do you need that?" Talking about what I wanted to get ahead of time helped too.