Thursday, October 3, 2013

God's Gift

There are moments in life where God really pours out his blessings. One of those moments for me was when my 4 year old asked Jesus into her heart.

It started out as a conversation about Jesus and how he is in my heart. It was so easy her to want the same thing. It took everything in me not to cry when we prayed asking Him into her heart. I am blessed to be the mother of wonderful little girls. God showed me his love that day in a way that is rarely seen by adults.

My daughter was so trusting and faith comes so easy. Jesus is good and loves us so why wouldn't she want Him in her heart. I am again reminded what it means to have the faith of a child. They don't over think and analyze everything. There is only black and white for them. No gray, no middle ground. Either you trust or you don't.

To have faith like that is such a powerful thing. I want that but to get there is going to take a lot of work on not only my part but God's as well.

Now my daughter and I have conversations about what it means now that Jesus is in her heart. We talk about how she needs to show her sisters she loves them by sharing toys and not fighting. That is also means that she needs to love and care about others because it is what Jesus wants us to do.

The faith comes easy but the living it out is always the hardest. My prayer for her is that she will continue to try to live for Christ and as the years go by she will continue to live for Him.

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