Monday, July 8, 2013

My NEW Cleaning Schudule

After participating in the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge in April, I decided I needed to change my cleaning a bit. There were things that I was not cleaning that I realized should be done every week if possible. It seems almost overwhelming when you see the list but most of the items take maybe 10 minutes and my kids are involved in some of the cleaning.

Here is my grand list:
  • Pay bills (Monday morning)
  • Strip beds (kids help)
  • Vacuum (kids help)
  • Spot clean bedrooms
  • Wipe down light switches and doorknobs
  • Clean toilets, sinks and bathtubs (kids help with their bathroom)
  • Dust
  • Clean out van
  • Wash windows and mirrors (kids help)
  • Mop kitchen and entryway
  • Mop Bathroom floors (kids do their bathroom)
  • Wipe down kitchen cabinets
  • Clean out one closet/cabinet/shelf/fridge
  • Sew one item
There are items I do first so I make sure they are getting done. The rest I try to get to if time allows.

The things I added has made a huge difference in the cleanliness of my house. My room usually becomes a dumping ground but when I take time every week to declutter it is much more organized and cleaner. I had to add dusting and wiping down surfaces. I didn't realize how long I would go in between dusting and wiping. 

One thing I am really glad I added was cleaning out the van. My husband gets frustrated when he gets in it on Sunday and toys are everywhere and garbage is on the floor. It takes 5 minutes for me to grab the garbage, put toys in container, and take the hand vac to clean it up. My husband has been very happy to have a clean van.

How do you get all your cleaning done each week? Do you have a list or a schedule? What has worked for you?

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