Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mommy's Store

In order to motivate my girls to help out around the house I have created my own store for my girls to go shopping in. After having some tough weeks with my oldest I decided I needed to change things a bit. She was getting paid for her chores but since she has no concept of money, it was taking too long for her to get her reward of a shopping trip. 

Our new system was created after seeing many different ideas on Pinterest. When the girls do chores they are rewarded with tickets. They can then trade the tickets in for different items in the store I created or trade it for money to save for something else. 

My store is stocked with many items from the Dollar Tree. I also have a few dollar aisle stuff from Wal-mart and a some $3-$5 movies and a Barbie.

Each item is priced from 2 tickets all the way to 24. I want to have a few things which they have to save for. My oldest is currently saving for the Barbie. Each shopping trip she will buy on item and save the rest. I am very proud of her. If they choose to, they may exchange a ticket for a quarter and put it in their spending jar for a shopping trip to a real store. They have not done this yet but I believe it will be done soon. 

Putting the tickets in their containers

Counting the tickets

She bought a dinosaur

She bought a coloring book

My store which is slowing depleting

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