Friday, October 28, 2016

Does God Want You to be Happy?

The culture today in the U.S. is one that baffles me. How in the world could things fall apart so much? Well I've discovered a trend in all this craziness and that is this, "God wants us to be happy." It's an excuse used by everyone to do whatever they please whether it's right or wrong.

Now please prepare for my rant.

I am a Bible believing Christian. I believe God's WORD is completely truth and truth cannot be changed. Even if we change God does not. I have never read in my Bible where God says, "And let everyone be happy." God never talks about us being happy. Have you ever read Job? The book is full of sadness and heartbreak. What was God concerned about, Job heart and whether he was continuing to trust and rely on HIM. If God wanted Job to be happy, he wouldn't have let him lose everything.

Now let's talk on a practical level. I believe that God the Father loves us as any parent would. Now letting my kids play in the street might make them happy, but I'd rather they stay alive. My kids might be happy eating candy everyday and lots of it, but I as a parent know that it can make them sick, it's very unhealthy, and too much sugar affects the brain in a similar fashion to illegal drugs sold on street corners. Do I care about my kids happiness or do I care about their safety and wellbeing?

Now let's get into the real meat and potatoes of my frustration. The current two mainstream ideologies that are being forced on me and others who believe like me are gay marriage and transgenderism. Let me start with saying this, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????? I can list hundreds of other things that deal with basic human rights and we have to talk about people's feeling getting hurt? How about we talk about babies being slaughtered in the womb because it's inconvenient. How about human trafficking or the AIDS epidemic that is still spreading. How about the gang wars that have completely taken over neighborhoods and the cops who won't enter them. What about kids growing up with only one parent or even no parents. Did you know we have a homeless problem among our vets and many are suffering from PTSD that is driving them to take their lives. How about the drug cartels coming over our border, killing and kidnapping. How about people all over the word starving because they live in areas or war, droughts, or just very poor areas. Let's talk about the Muslims killing women because they are tired of her or killing the homosexuals and Christians because they don't fit in with the Koran's teaching. These are concerns about basic human rights not a temper tantrum because someone wouldn't make the cake you wanted or you feel uncomfortable because you can't figure out what bathroom to use.

Now we can't stop what the LBGT stands for and we shouldn't force them to. We all are given free choice by our CREATOR and because of that I can't tell anyone what they can and cannot do. So why does the government think they should take the beliefs of 3% or .3% and shove it down everyone else's throats? It's always about CONTROL. I believe that we need to get out of other peoples lives, bedrooms especially, but also small businesses. If a bakery doesn't want to bake a cake for someone, don't give them your business. That's their loss not yours. There's another one down the street. If I chose not to shop at Target because of their beliefs well that's MY choice based on MY reasoning and it's their loss.

I'm sure you figured out by now my stance on the LGBT community. Since I'm a Christian I believe that homosexuality is a sin and you are right. I care and love others and don't want anyone to miss the chance to know and understand who God is. I'm not perfect and sin everyday. Since God sees sin as sin,  my sin is just as great as yours and everyone else in the world. I am NOT better then anyone else and struggle daily to follow Jesus. God still gives us the command not let our brother (or sister) fall to sin. We are to point out sin in a loving way but reserve the eternal judgement for God and God only.

Now lets get back to the idea of God wanting us to be happy. It is complete BS, but is being used as an argument to let people throw fits to get there way. I would never allow my kids to do something because they throw a fit. For the LGBT group there has been no scientific evidence that says it makes them happier. In fact depression and suicide increases. If people want to live a gay lifestyle then that is there choice, just don't tell me God wants you to be happy and that's why you do it. Same with those who support it and call themselves Christians. For those who are transgender, I've heard more then I care to from psychologists about how confused they are and that parents who allow their children to chose their sexual identity are completely messed up. They are not happy, they are confused. So stop using a stupid reason to get what you want. Let's use common sense, show love and support, and help them feel good about who God created them to be. I care more that you spend eternity in heaven then "be happy" for a short time on earth.

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