Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10 Rules of Parenting

  1. No matter what game you play, your child will always win.
  2. Every Christmas, you will have a sick child.
  3. They will take long naps only when you need them up so you can go somewhere.
  4. Toys will never be picked up.
  5. There is no dish fairy. Never again will you be able to have all dishes clean and put away. 
  6. Even if you send them to the bathroom before you leave the house, one will always yelling they have to PEEEEEE 5 minutes down the road.  
  7. Every time you sit down on the toilet, check and double check before you sit.
  8.  You will never shower or pee without an audience. 
  9.  No matter how much extra time you allow to get somewhere, you will be late.
  10. Your kids will make you laugh and cry, pull out your hair and weep for joy. There is no greater joy then being a parent. 

What are your rules for parenting?

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