Thursday, March 27, 2014

Minnesota to Arizona

Vacation time!!!!!! We so needed a break from the cold cold extremely cold temperatures and constant snow we have had in Minnesota this year. We are crazy of course and drove all the way to Arizona. We left around 4:00PM on Sunday after we had an early supper.

Driving through the night makes the trip go much faster. No needing to entertain kids for hours on end.

 Monday morning we saw the sunrise in beautiful Colorado Springs. We planned to spend two days enjoying
the area so after breakfast we enjoyed a nice, warm, sunny, and beautiful morning at the Garden of the Gods.

 The afternoon was spent exploring the Cliff Dwellings, The Ghost Town Museum, and swimming at the hotel.
 The next day we spent 4 hours enjoying the Focus on the Family Visitor Center. Including lunch at Whit's End. If you ever get to Colorado Springs this is a must. There are two different play areas, one for the older kids and one for the four and under crowd. My five year old's favorite part was the three story slide she could go down by herself. Of course we couldn't leave without checking out the bookstore.
Our last stop in Colorado Springs was the Pioneer Museum. With our 5 year old having a strong interest in that era, thanks to The Little House series, we were able to spend time showing her things that she was really interested in. The last room was for the little ones. It had a covered wagon, tepee and train for the kiddos to play in. They had a lot of fun interacting with the tepee and toys inside.
 After Colorado we drove through the night and arrived in Arizona the next morning. The next week was filled with time at a gymnastics place, swimming in the pool, lunch at Chick-fel-A (twice!), exploring the Children's Museum, and the zoo.

Of course the best part was being able to spend time with family. The girls loved being able to spend time with their cousin, aunt, and uncle and of course my husband and I did too. 
We were happy to finally be heading home at the end of 9 days. We had a great time and I know the girls were really missing their cousin, but vacation can't last forever (and I don't think I could handle that).

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