Saturday, February 22, 2014

What is Benificial?

P31 OBS Blog Hop

So what is beneficial? That is the question I've been asking myself this week. It is a very hard question to ask because we live in the present and for the now. We seek pleasure to satisfy the desire we seek. We live in a world where instant gratification is the norm. 

When we step back and ask ourselves "Is this beneficial?", our lives begin to take a turn from instant gratification to that of carefully thought out choices. 

I had an opportunity this week where I believe God was really trying to speak to me. After playing with my 3 and 5 year old in our freshly fallen and drifted snow, they asked for hot chocolate. It is our tradition after playing in the snow. I really wanted to join them, but the question popped up, "Is this beneficial?" and here is the conversation I had with God:
Grrrrrr. Really God it's one cup of hot chocolate. I'm spending time with them. Isn't that beneficial? It's not like I do this all the time. It's only one time and it's fun to sit with the girls and drink hot chocolate with them. I know they will enjoy it.

Yes the reasoning with God had started over a cup of hot chocolate. It still seems so stupid, I mean come on I'd rather argue over a big piece of chocolate cake than a cup of hot chocolate any day. After making their hot chocolate, I put on my tea kettle so I could have some tea instead. I came to the wisdom of God that yes time with my girls is beneficial, but there are other ways that I can do that AND set a good example to my kids. 

My diet hasn't changed too much since I started this study. My focus has been on my portion sizes and snacks. I have been waiting until I'm hungry to eat and I mean often hearing my stomach actually growl. Having an extra helping at supper is not beneficial but a snack of apples and peanut butter is.

When I look at what is beneficial in my life it is this: showing my daughters how to take care of themselves and others. To love them and show them how to love others. All my actions have to show this in my life on a daily basis.

So as you go through your day and are faced with choices, ask yourself is this beneficial? Everyone is going to have a different answer and there won't always be a right one. But asking the question and waiting for guidance, will help you chose the right decision and you will feel good about your choices.


  1. Beneficial?
    What a necessary & difficult thing for me to answer.
    This is a good one!!
    Sherri Chatman OBS Small Group

    1. Very tough. We really want the instant gratification and not think of the consequences. God can really use those little moments of doubt to help us grow.

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing!
    Lauren, P31 OBS blog hop team